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Big Atlantic Salmon inspects a female

On a spawning ground, in a Norwegian river, a male salmon can have several femals.
Every now and then the males take an inspection tour to see how far the femals are from spawning.
Moments for the memorybook for a cameraman.

First part of the spawning season the rivers was very low on water.
It was a struggle to get the camera low enough to film the Salmon under water, and be careful enough without disturbing the fish or the nests.

The Salmon miracle

This is a miracle. From a small roe of 4mm, a small creature enters the world. If it gets the chance to grow up, it has the opportunity to become a 25 kg salmon. It will probably not happen in Repparfjordelva in Norway anymore. The government has decided to give NUSSIR ASA, a mining company, the right to dump 30 million tonns of mine waste into the fjord.

Underwater housing for Sony fdr-ax700, hxr-nx80 and pxw-z90

Just got an underwater housing for industrial work back from CNC and anodizing.

The housing is made from a 6061 aluminium block. Clean surface, no knobs.

This housing is made for remote control of the camera, in the sea, rivers or lakes. Or any tough work.
Space inside the housing for BEC for power, and plugs for HDMI and LANC.