Pink Salmon in the Norwegian rivers

Pink Salmon preparing to spawn in a Norwegian river.
Every second year we get an ‘invation’ of the Pink Salmon from the Kola Peninsula.
This is filmed in 2021, and we will have more in this year 2023.
I was lucky to film from the pinks entered the river to the spawn.
Exciting times.

Under a waterfall

One of the most interesting and risky things I do is to put a camera under waterfalls and rapids. In places no one has been or seen.
Here I have found a place where the camera is protected behind a countercurrent in a waterfall. The rocks that the river tried to throw at the camera were stopped by the countercurrent. And that was good, because the glass in front of the camera costs a lot. So then I could ‘safely’ film sea trout and salmon working their way up the ridge.
This is filmed in slow motion, and it gives a good opportunity to get the details. Reality is 3x faster.

Big Atlantic Salmon inspects a female

On a spawning ground, in a Norwegian river, a male salmon can have several femals.
Every now and then the males take an inspection tour to see how far the femals are from spawning.
Moments for the memorybook for a cameraman.

First part of the spawning season the rivers was very low on water.
It was a struggle to get the camera low enough to film the Salmon under water, and be careful enough without disturbing the fish or the nests.