The Arctic Char spawn

The Arctic Char has returned from the ocean, reached spawning colors, and is preparing for the big happening in a Norwegian lake.


The Miracle

This is a miracle. From a small roe of 4mm, a small creature enters the world. If it gets the chance to grow up, it has the opportunity to become a 25 kg salmon. It will probably not happen in Repparfjordelva in Norway anymore. The government has decided to give […]


Arctic Char

A shoal of Arctic Char is gathering after two months in the sea, filmed right before they enter the river and freshwater lake to spawn. They will stay in the lake for 10 months, before they goes to the sea again.

An Atlantic salmon egg is about to hatch. The egg hatch into an alevin or sac fry. Pictures and 4k recordings in archive for stockshots.

Back from the north of Norway with fantastic video recordings of the run of the mystical Arctic Char. In crystal clear water it was a joy to observe the char come in from the see, acclimate to the fresh water, fight the river and start feeding on the flats in […]

Most people who use the Sony A7s, A7R, or other Sonys in the same group have sooner or later got annoyed that the recordings stops after 30 minutes of continuous recording. A smart guy has created a app that overrides this problem. I installed the app and tested this on […]

The Jungle Book DVD is now finished. Near two hours show filmed over 3 evenings and edited for DVD. A fantastic show from Kodal Ungdomslag. This is the third year I have filmed their shows, and they don’t stop to surprise. Over 40 actors and a total of 120 people […]

Glad to be a part of James Ewans latest production, Oslos ville hjerte, (The Wild Hart of Oslo) A fantastic film about wildlife in the city. I delivered the drone footage for that production.