Camera Sony FS700 4k
with Novoflex (Nikon), Metabones (Canon) regular and speed adapter.
SmallHD monitor, Atomos Inferno and Assassin recorders.

Underwater remote controlled cameras.
Build to set on the bottom of the river – lake – sea.
Controlled via 30 m cable, or can be fitted with a radio control unit, up to 2km away.
Underwater Lightning equipment.

Multirotor (Drone) Hexacopter
Using Drones from DJI.
Licensed for RPAS operations RO2 up to 25 kg. Approval NO.RPAS.0078

Dynamic Perception Stage One with all kinds of add-ons.
Ladder-dolly, stright and curved rails.

Sony A7R II – 2x Canon 60Ds for time-lapse

Tamron 150-600
Sigma 180mm f2.8 macro
Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro
Nikon 60mm f.2.8 macro

And a lot lot more….